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Interior Designers / Architects 

Are you looking for the right fabric to meet the needs of your clients? MIFU Decor is here to support you with our wide range of fabrics. Any concerns you may have regarding style, quality, budget, measuring and installation will be taken care of by our professional liaison team.

At MIFU Decor, our customized drapes are highly thought of. Come to our showroom in Bedford and learn about the latest in window blinds, decorative fabrics and curtain tracks. You will be pleasantly surprised.


Purchasing Managers / Business Owners

No matter whether its to make your workplace or office a more comfortable space to work in, or to upgrade your commercial project with a motorized window covering / shading system, our full range of window covering products, including roller shades and a variety of blinds, will help you fulfill your business objective.

MIFU window products are in line with the up-to-date aesthetic and technical trends. The motorized window treatment systems are a must-see, they will certainly enable you realize a true hi-efficiency commercial building within a minimum budget.


Retailers / Merchandisers

Want to set up your own business with minimal risk? Call us to discuss the opportunity of working with MIFU. We give full support and training to startup dealers, from showroom design, marketing and sales to servicing procedures.

Your only need is to provide your client with the most appropriate window covering solutions. Blinds and drapes should be both functional and attractive. The MIFU Head Quarters will be responsible for product customization and delivery. Take the opportunity to work with the best interior designers and architects in your city. Your pay-off would not only be profit but also self-esteem. 



If you want to discover more about our services and how we can assist your business, reach out to us today! One of our team members will promptly follow up with you to delve deeper into your specific requirements. 

Visit our Gallery page for a look at our residential and commercial projects. 

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