Buying Guides


Step 1: Assess Functional Needs

Privacy level

Determine your desired level of privacy during both day and night.

Blackout Options

Consider the degree of room darkening you need, from partial to complete blackout. Keep in mind that the effectiveness is determined by the covering's design and size.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

Remember, less material often means a lower cost. Factor in your budget when making a choice. In most situations, blinds and shades are more economic than draperies.

Ease of Use

For easily accessible windows, manual coverings with cords can be a practical choice. Alternatively, explore motorized options for more challenging installations.

Stable Installation

Ensure your chosen covering can be securely and reliably installed in your chosen location.


Step 2: Aesthetic Considerations

Blinds vs drapes

Blinds and shades are space saving and carries a more minimal and modern look. Drapes are soft and rich in textures and patterns, will enhance a classy and elegant ambiance.

Fabric Finish

Choose between a matte or sheen finish. Silk exudes a subtle elegance suited for formal spaces, while linen or cotton provides a relaxed, coastal feel with its matte texture. Pay attention to the fabric's texture, as it greatly influences the overall quality and appearance.

Consistency and Harmony

Aim for a consistent and harmonious style that unifies the space.


Step 3: Understand Product Features

Sheer Drapes

Decorative and soften sunlight for a cozy ambiance. Some offer privacy and are often used with blackout curtains or shades.

Room darkening drapes

Decorative and provide various levels of darkness. Note that lined draperies can be heavy and may require professional installation.

Zebra Blinds

Easy to maneuver, zebra blinds offer adjustable light control. While they can achieve up to 80% room darkening, they may not provide complete blackout options. They are most aesthetically pleasing with an inside frame mount.

Sheer Blinds

Offering a graceful interplay of sheer and fabric, these blinds are easy to adjust the sunlight. Keep in mind that optimal light control is achieved when fully extended. Routine cleaning is easy with a dust brush; however, it requires removal from the bracket for thorough maintenance.

Aluminum Louver

With sleek 25mm or 35mm slats, aluminum louvers cast striking black and white shadows. Some designs offer up to 95% blackout. They are a durable choice suitable for spaces like offices and residential showers and kitchens.

Roman Shades

Classic Sophistication with Modern Functionality. Operable by cord, hand, or remote control, Roman shades offer various fabric options, including patterned and textured blackout They have a slim track that ensures a flush fit, even when mounted outside the frame.

Cellular Shades

Inspired by honeycombs, these shades are energy-efficient and come in a wide range of colours and patterns. They offer versatile light control options, making them a cost-effective choice for those seeking both room darkening and blackout capabilities.


    Step 4: Ensure a Confident Purchase

    Order Samples: Prioritize ordering samples to see how the product complements your space.

    Expert Guidance: Seek advice from our knowledgeable shop assistants to tailor your choice to your specific needs. Making appointments of virtual meetings are highly recommended

    Visual Assistance: Share additional pictures of your space to receive personalized recommendations and guidance.


    By weighing both functionality and style, and following these four steps, you can confidently select the perfect window covering for your space.