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Aluminum blind
An aluminum blind, alternatively referred to as mini blinds or micro blinds, is a sturdy window treatment featuring horizontally-oriented slats made from lightweight aluminum. These blinds are designed for efficient light management and come with easy-to-use controls. They offer options for both light filtering and blackout effects. The slats are available in widths ranging from 1 inch to 1.38 inches.

Zebra blind
A zebra blind is a modern window treatment featuring two layers of fabric—one sheer and one solid—that can be aligned to control light filtration and privacy, creating a distinctive striped effect and offering versatile functionality in home décor. At MIFU Decor, we have light filtering and room darkening options, but no blackout options. The width of both the sheer and solid fabric ranges from 3 to 3.8 inches.

Sheer blind
A sheer blind is a window covering made from translucent fabric, allowing a gentle diffusion of natural light while maintaining a level of privacy. Unlike zebra blinds, which incorporate both sheer and solid layers, sheer blinds solely consist of this translucent material. This design choice results in a more pronounced light-filtering effect. At MIFU Decor, the horizontal fabric width is 2.6 inches with different colors and textures options.

Cellular shades
Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are a versatile window treatment designed for both style and energy efficiency. Its honeycomb-like structure is created from two layers of fabric that trap air, providing excellent insulation against heat and cold. Unlike sheer and zebra blinds, cellular shades offer enhanced blackout effect. At MIFU Decor, there are various customizable options, including different cell sizes and colours, as well as light-filtering, privacy keeping and blackout.

Roller shade
Roller shades are a streamlined and practical window treatment choice, offering a clean, minimalist look for any space. They feature a single piece of fabric that smoothly rolls up and down. At MIFU Decor, we offer a range of roller shade fabrics, including blackout textile with different opacity levels and solar screen fabrics with openness of 0%, 1%, 3%, 5% and 10%. Roller shades are great options for commercial projects like office buildings and residential apartments.

Roman shades
Roman shades are traditional and classic blinds made from textiles with a fold design. They raise and lower in neat pleats, can be operated with a chain, cord, hand or a motor. At MIFU Decor, you can choose from a range of fabrics and styles, including light-filtering, room darkening and blackout options for a tailored window solution.

Function of Curtains
They provide 4 grades of functionality from light filtering, privacy protection, room darkening to blackout.


Blackout refers to the ability to block out approximately 99% of incoming light. The effectiveness of a blackout curtain depends on factors such as installation method, chosen pleat style, and the type of curtain rails employed. For instance, a curtain track typically provides better light-blocking capabilities than a curtain rod. At MIFU Decor, we offer a range of options for achieving blackout effects including blackout drapes, liners, roller shades, roman shades, cellular blinds, and aluminum blinds.


Room darkening
Room darkening refers to the window treatment designed to block most of the light entering a room and provide optimal privacy; it creates a dimmer and more shaded environment. While they don't completely block out all light like blackout, be reminded that it will be harder to brighten up the space as it is often a dark colored fabric. They're often chosen for bedrooms, home theaters, or spaces where a subdued level of light is desired.


Privacy protection
Privacy protection window coverings offer a practical solution to shield your space from outside view during both day and night time. They could be any light-colored drapery or sheer blinds. These window coverings are designed to create a cozy ambiance while ensuring privacy during the day. They can be applied in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. With these treatments, you can enjoy both light coloured comfort and the security of privacy.


Light filtering
Sheer curtains and blinds are typical light filtering options that gently diffuse incoming sunlight, creating a soft, inviting ambiance. They allow a pleasant glow to illuminate your space without a harsh glare. Ideal for living areas and offices, light filtering options strike a balance between natural light and comfort. Some light filtering curtains may not provide privacy, especially at night when indoor lighting may be brighter than the outdoor environment.


Lining is an additional layer of fabric added to curtains or drapes for various purposes: it controls light, provides insulation, offers UV protection, enhances privacy, adds aesthetic weight, improves durability, and can absorb sound. At MIFU Decor, there are two types of lining options, one is 100% blackout with coating and the other one is room darkening fabric with black micro fibers.


Curtain track
Also known as channel track or glide track. A curtain track is a rail system made of aluminum alloy with curtain gliders attached. It provides a smooth mechanism for opening and closing curtains and can be installed on walls or ceilings. It's ideal for modern, minimalist designs and is suitable for heavy or long curtains. At MIFU Decor, the curtain tracks are customizable with any desired length.


Sheer curtain
A sheer curtain is a lightweight and translucent window covering made of thin fabric, allowing natural light to pass through while offering a view of the outside scenery. The level of privacy depends on the density or thickness of the fabric. Sheer curtains are commonly paired with heavier drapes or blinds for a layered look and versatile light control. They contribute to an airy and soft ambiance, making them a popular choice for spaces aiming for a light and breezy atmosphere.


Blackout fabric with coating
Blackout curtains with a coated back have an extra layer on the reverse side, usually made of dense, light-blocking material. This boosts their light-blocking effectiveness, making them ideal for spaces like bedrooms or home theaters where total darkness is desired. The coating also adds insulation, helping regulate room temperature. They offer enhanced privacy and an optimal sleeping environment. These can be applied for custom drapes or shades.


Drapery header
Also known as top style which is the top portion of a curtain or drapery panel that is used to attach the fabric to a curtain rod or track. At MIFU Decor, there are three types of header styles to choose from including pinch pleats, inverted pinch pleats and flat wave styles.


It refers to the width of the fabric in relation to the curtain rod, and most window treatments have a fullness that is two to three times the width of the rod. This creates a gathered or pleated look when the curtains are closed. For example, a two times fullness means the fabric width doubles the curtain rod or tracks length.


Finished width
The finished width of custom drapery refers to the measurement from one side to the other after folding / pleats, accounting for any additional distance needed for projections. Typically, it aligns with the length of your curtain rod or track, including its projections.


Warps and weft
Warp threads run along the length of the fabric, while weft threads cross from selvage to selvage across the width. This distinction in thread direction is fundamental in fabric production and design.


In the context of fabric or wall coverings, the term "repeat" refers to how often a pattern is replicated at regular intervals. One repeat represents the full pattern design.


A finial is a decorative cap that sits at the end of a drapery rod.


Inside mount
An inside mount refers to the installation within the window frame, which provides a seamless and streamlined appearance within the window recess for all types of shades and blinds. This method is also applicable to draperies with curtain tracks, an inside mount is normally more space-efficient and economical as it requires less material and occupies less area. It is important to obtain precise measurements for an optimal fit.


Outside mount
An outside mount involves installing blinds or draperies on the wall, frame, or ceiling surrounding the window. It is typically considered a secondary choice for custom-made blinds or shades. However, for custom draperies, an outside mount offers advantages, such as creating the illusion of larger windows and providing better light-blocking capabilities.


Cord bracket
Also known as a cord cleat, is a small device used in window blinds to secure and manage the loose end of a cord. It typically consists of a bracket with a protruding arm or cleat. The loose cord is wrapped around the cleat to keep it neatly in place and prevent it from dangling freely, which can be a safety hazard, especially in homes with small children or pets.


Continuous cord loop
A mechanism used in shades that employs a pulley system to raise or lower the shade. This replaces the traditional cord systems and it is made of white plastic. The continuous cord loop remains the same length regardless of the shade's position, offering a convenient and safe way to operate window coverings.


You need brackets for installing blinds and shades, curtain tracks or rods. Brackets look different depending on where to mount. If you need assistance with the brackets included in your order, please contact us.