Setting the mood: How the right window coverings can affect your wellbeing

Setting the mood: How the right window coverings can affect your wellbeing

It’s no secret that your home can have a big impact on your happiness and wellbeing. So, let’s talk about the effect of window coverings!


Natural Sunlight To Improve Your Mood

Natural light is like the natural medicine you never knew you needed - it can improve productivity, boost your mood, and help you get along with others. However, direct sunlight that is too bright can negatively affect your eyesight and add a glare where you don’t want one. 

To take advantage of all the benefits, opt for sheer drapes to gently diffuse the sunlight. Sheer drapes offer a delicate and airy feel to your space, allowing natural light to filter through while still providing a level of privacy. They create a soft, ethereal ambiance and can make a room feel more spacious and open. Additionally, sheer drapes complement a variety of decor styles, from modern to traditional, and can be easily layered with other window treatments for added versatility. Whether you're looking to brighten up a dark room or simply want to enjoy the beauty of natural light, sheer drapes are the perfect choice.

If you’d rather stick with blinds or shades rather than draperies, you have many options to keep that beautiful sunlight in and diffused. Roller shades, zebra blinds, and sheer shades are our top options to gently diffuse the sunlight. Choose between sheer and light-filtering fabrics to optimize natural light while still maintaining a level of privacy and UV protection. 

Creating a Dark and Cozy Sleep Environment 

Getting an adequate amount of sleep can do miracles for your overall physical and mental health. Adults need an average of 7-9 hours of sleep nightly to eliminate the risks of sleep deprivation, while newborns need 14-17 hours and teenagers need 8-10 hours. 

Installing blackout drapes or blinds in your bedroom can help increase the quality and quantity of sleep you’ll get. They work by completely blocking out the sunlight and creating a dark space. 

For optimal darkness, mount your drapes from floor to ceiling, and at least 12 inches wider than your windows. 


If you choose blinds or shades, mounting them outside your window frame with a little overlap around your frame will optimize the blackout effect. Otherwise, you might get sun leakage from each side of the blinds (like the photo below). We carry roller shades, honeycomb shades, and aluminum blinds that all offer 100% blackout options. 


While many factors affect your happiness and wellbeing, natural light is one that some people may mistakenly overlook. Natural light has been shown to boost mood, increase productivity, and even improve sleep quality. By allowing more sunlight into your home with the right window treatments, you can create a brighter, more inviting space that supports your overall health and happiness.

Embrace the benefits of natural light and transform your living environment today!


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